More Bleed Vampire ?

2008-03-31 19:19:42 by Vermillion2

Anyone still want some more Bleed Vampire?


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2008-04-01 20:24:49

Hellz Ya, i've been waiting for ever for a little more Bleed. Its the only good Vampire thing out on the web, all others tremble before it's brilliance. LMAO, but not jkin, we need some more.


2008-04-05 01:23:35

YES!, more Bleed Vampire!!!


2008-04-06 06:03:42

yeah, more Bleed Vampire. I'm vegetarian, everything i eat tastes like cardboard,they've taken half the additives out of smarties. dont you dar take away bleed vampire. i mean JESUS c'mon have some pity


2008-04-07 22:07:26

YES MAKE THE BLOODY NEXT ONE THE SECOND ONE WAS AWSOME!hehe i said bloody.....hehe more vampire humour....


2008-04-07 22:15:08

oh and no offense but that picture looks like orchimaru off of naruto.......


2008-04-12 09:49:32

yes! i loved it, im really hoping you'll make more.


2008-04-26 18:36:11

sure draw more blood