Entry #9


2008-08-09 03:24:08 by Vermillion2

Hmm im trying to get back to animating again but im still lacking the motivation and focus i need to complete something. Im entertaining the idea of bringing back Bleed Vampire, but perhaps with a completely different setting and storyline. Until then, i'll just try and do smaller simpler things.



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2008-08-22 14:35:08

U do that, Improve skill, improve style, make a look...
I hope you find inspiration for longer, deeper, more complex stories.
Be Waiting....


2008-12-19 23:33:54

so why not finnish bleed vampire then make a second bleed vampire?


2010-03-02 08:11:44

hey man you ok its been a few years.......


2011-01-18 23:06:18

Yeah, Agreed. You ever comin' back? It HAS been awhile. I learned to actually capitalize and type more...."Better"? I don't know. I'm going to be 16 soon that last message was from.....when I was 13?.....Yeah. But, dude it'd be great if you ever came back.