Bleed: Vampire Awakening 3

2007-11-19 20:17:05 by Vermillion2

Im finally in serious production of Bleed 3, i've been making some posts for Voice Actors I will post some screen shots soon.

Below are the new character designs for Bleed 3

Bleed: Vampire Awakening 3


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2007-11-19 22:41:15

It looks awesome. Great character design. So yer from Dublin? I was born in Ballina, but moved to the states when I was a baby, so Im pretty much a yank. I do miss home tho, I love goin back as much as my wallet lets me. Our people are better to be around, IMO.


2008-03-10 18:07:56

yknow changing how the character looks every episode will really confuse the hell out of people


2008-03-27 23:01:43

looks really good.


2008-04-07 22:13:46

that looks cool oh his name is leon you should add guns to him hed look sweeter!


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